The Professional Me

I have been a registered psychologist in Alberta for 40 years, am registered with the Canadian Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology and was an Associate Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. For many years I served on the professional examination board of the College of Psychologist of Alberta. I am a founding member of both the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology and the Hope Foundation of Alberta, (http://Universityofalberta.ca/hopestudies) a research centre associated with the University of Alberta whose mission is to explore and apply the phenomena of hope. I was its first Director of Research and Programs.

Prior to becoming a professor of Counselling Psychology with the University of Alberta, I was the Head of Psychology for the Cross Cancer Institute where I developed programs that continue to assist staff, patients and families locally and nationally. I began my career as a counselor and teacher with the public school system.

I love to write and am author or co-author of ten books as well as many professional articles, monographs and book chapters. The love of writing has taken me into the field of therapeutic writing which I have now combine with my love of photography. Having a repertoire of strategies for journaling and for using your camera to address issues in your life is one way of becoming your own therapist.

As a speaker and workshop presenter. I have presented over 300 workshops and keynote addresses at regional, national and international conferences that have included health providers, educators, members of the justice system, patients, volunteers and lay persons.

I am well endowed with credentials. I have Bachelor of Education in English, a Master’s of Educational Philosophy, a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and later in life I ventured to acquire a Master’s of Theological Studies.

I have been fortunate in my career to receive such accolades as the Pettifor Award for Outstanding Contribution to Psychology in Alberta, the University of Alberta Board of Governors Award of Distinction, Global Woman of Vision, The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and the YWCA Woman of Distinction for the Social Sciences. I have been listed in International Who’s Who in Medicine, Foremost Women of the Twentieth Century, International Leaders in Achievement and International Who’s Who in Women.

You are welcome to request a short or full vitae.

The Personal Me

I enjoy a sense of being at home with my creativity, wisdom and sense of adventure. I laugh a lot, love deeply, have a sense of adventure and believe life is not a problem but an experience to be lived.

Every person to me is a mystery unfolding. I enjoy learning how someone has become the person they are and am deeply interested in who they want to become. I acknowledge the path is not often easy.

I am fortunate to enjoy a comfortable home in the countryside, a loving husband and to watch our family move through its own transitions. Until recently we enjoyed the companionship of our remarkable dog Spirit. I still find myself reaching down to pet her when I am at the computer.

When I am not seeing clients, consulting or speaking, you will find me writing, photographing or cooking. I have gone digital in my dark room and vegan in my kitchen. I manage to stay fit but would love to have it happen magically. I understand though, if I want something different in my life, I have to do something different in my life.