Writing is no less interactive than speech.

Writing puts us in a place where transformation happens.

I love writing and am convinced of its power to change lives, particularly our own writing and our own lives. I love that it is a private avenue to health, available at my convenience and very affordable. Facilitating journalling to students, patients, inmates and staff in education, health care and correctional services settings has confirmed that the avenue to personal satisfaction may begin with your pen and journal.

There is convincing evidence that writing about our hurts and hopes, dreams and dreads, our fears and strengths can help us shift perspective, heal if necessary, and focus on a positive future. There is also evidence that mental, emotional and yes, physical health is improved by disclosing to ourselves through writing. We take care of our dental heath daily. Why not our emotional, mental and spiritual health? They are equally as deserving of fitness as the physical self. Learn to exercise, nourish and rest your inner me through the practice of writing. Explore the power of the pause and the power of the pen.

Journal writing strategies are the toolkit of self-therapy.for a healthy inner me. Developing a repertoire of approaches to explore your life equips you to earnestly search for new directions helping you become mindful and intentional about your choices. Once you have the tools, you can address most of your own issues.

What issue might you explore through writing? Working with apsychologist experienced and trained in therapeutic writing can assist you to identity the issues and select the appropriate journal strategies.

At the age of sixteen I began journalling and personally enjoy the benefits. I laugh a lot, love deeply, have a sense of adventure and believe life is not a problem but an experience to be lived. I have enjoyed expanding my tool kit to include Progoff approaches and Zen Writing Practice experiences (zenwords.ca). I love to write creatively as well as for therapeutic reasons. You don’t have to have a problem to enjoy your creativity.

Learn the benefits and basics as well as creative options for journalling your way to the life you want.

Young or old (8-80+), concerned or just creative, a regular or a rare writer, let yourself consider “writing for the inner me”.

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