Many of the challenges we face in life are normal, yet we are often unprepared for difficult times. Seeking help can be a positive first step to having the life you want. Talking to an experienced counsellor helps.

If you work with me, we approach your concerns in a hopeful, yet realistic way. The challenge is to find what works for you, to identify your strengths and to minimize distress. In the process you will explore and reflect on your life. Counselling is not something a professional does to a client. It is something we do together. Think seriously, “Am I ready to deal with this issue?” If you are, you may find you will appreciate the relaxed setting, the added privacy and the sense of partnership I am able to offer. I deal with most life issues. Persons with severe addiction issues or who need third party assessments will be referred to other psychological services.

Coming to counselling is a commitment to taking on a project. You are the project. Whether you need to make a decision, need to make a change, need to understand yourself or someone else differently or want to develop yourself as a person, you may find “therapeutic conversations” beneficial. As well as being trained in conventional approaches, including hypnosis, for those willing, creative approaches such as therapeutic writing and photography may be appropriate.

The fee schedule of the PAA is used as a guideline. Psychological services are often covered by extended health care benefits. Sliding fees can be negotiated.