If you don’t go within, you will go without.
– Buddhist saying

My life cannot implement in action the demands of all the people to whom my heart responds.
– Ann Lindbergh, The Gift from the Sea

In each of us there is a quiet place – if only we can find it. A place that is “the eye of the hurricane”, a quiet place at the center of life. A place where we can transcend the clutter of life while we clarify issues, arrive at solutions and develop perspective on the concerns of our lives. A place so quiet we can co-habit with uncertainty while staying grounded. A place where we are clear about what is truly important. Some of us call it “home”. It is an inner home – a place where, despite the chaos that at times besets us, we feel valued and capable. When we go there, we reconnect with our integrity, our purpose, and ultimately our yet undiscovered possibilities. It is a place of acceptance and hope.

For many of us, our daily pace means a frenetic effort to meet demand after demand in order to be

  • an effective employee,
  • a good parent,
  • a successful entrepreneur,
  • a loving partner,
  • a fit person.

The outer world of work and relationships keeps us hurrying from one obligation to another. In the process, the inner me can become confused, numbed, or even lost. Over time we notice we are wanting more:

  • more quiet,
  • more quality relationships,
  • more time for reflection,
  • more time to play,
  • more balance in our lives.

There is no magic bullet. It takes commitment to live life differently. To meet the needs of the inner me takes courage.

As you quiet the chatter inside, you will begin to hear what you value, what you want, what will give you fulfilment. You begin to be free to be you.

Chose from Inner Me workshops that use therapeutic writing, therapeutic photography or both blended with Tea.
Writing for the Inner Me
Photography for the Inner Me
Tea for the Inner Me
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Choose your format

One to one sessions: A great place to start. In the privacy of an individual session you can share concerns and ask questions. Some individual sessions are eligible for insurance coverage.

In the company of friends: groups of four to eight people can find that learning together is fun, supportive and non-threatening.

At a workshop: Attend a scheduled one or organize your own. Half or full days, even weekend retreats can be tailor designed.

A professional development day: introduce your staff to skills that encourage reflective practice and self-care.

On line coaching: Receive direction for your writing and or photography in the comfort of your own home.

An introductory session: book Ronna as a guest speaker session for your special interest group.