Photographs and the process of taking pictures can tell us a great deal about our lives. Photography for the Inner Me is about how to use photography to explore your life. The principles of photography can guide you to a greater sense of well being as you explore how you see the world.

Learn that the lens points both directions. Your “eye” can help you enjoy your Inner “I”. As we look out to the world, we are looking into ourselves. Photography becomes a language of its own. As you work with your own photographs you will explore your past, present and future. Blending photography and writing adds depth to understanding our inner life.

Whether you become involved in Photography for the Inner Me individually or with a group, the tone is always gentle and creative. You are invited but not required to share your photographic explorations.

Let photography become a way of learning about and nuturing your inner me.

Choose from:

The Ten Most Common Photographic Errors:
Learn to avoid those amateur mistakes. Enjoy beginning to train your eye. Have fun recognizing and making mistakes with your camera. This session is strictly photography and fun.

Images and Echoes: Exploring your life with photography and writing.
A convincing body of evidence has demonstrated the therapeutic value of both photography and journaling. Images and Echoes combines these two proven processes to help reveal new understandings into family, work and life transitions. It is also just plain enjoyable. The pen and the camera are natural partners. Images and Echoes use photography in combination with guided writing exercises. Participants work with their own photographs and are invited but not required to share their explorations. Both group and individual sessions are available. Individual sessions may be eligible for insurance coverage. Learn the skills in Level 1. Focus & deepen your understandings in Level 2. In Level 3 enjoy the experience of preparing a visible statement & exhibit of your personal and/or professional existence. Click HERE for more information.

Photographic Wisdom: Take a better photo; live a better life.
Your “eye” is a window to your “I”. Photography is as much about the process of seeing as the print you produce. The love of photography is the love of life. Learn how the principles of photography can teach you about “seeing” your life in a different light. Enjoy an illustrated lecture and time for written reflection that applies to your life. No photography or writing experience required.

Phototherapy: Individual counselling using photography.

There are times when we need to see things differently. Photo Therapy can help. Sometimes words just don’t seem to initiate the change we are looking for. Working with photographs, either ones you have shoot between sessions or ones you already have, can suggest insights that are unexpected and different from “talk therapy”. Some individual sessions are eligible for insurance coverage.

Click HERE for a PDF brochure of Photography for the Inner Me.